Arsenal hit more than one bird precious victory over Crystal Palace

Arsenal made a valuable and deserved victory away to Crystal Palace with two goals against a goal in the game that the two teams on Saturday evening gathered at the “Selhurst Park” in a pulsating round 26 of the Premier League, “Premier League”.

Arsenal scored two goals in the first half, where he took the lead for the midfielder Spaniard Santi Cazorla 8 minutes from the penalty spot, then French striker Olivier Giraud reinforced with a second goal in the first minute of stoppage time, while Glenn Murray scored the sole owners of the land in the 94th minute.

Repeat “Ganrz” win at Crystal Palace for the second time by the same score this season, hitting more than one bird with one stone, where lift Arsenal tally to 48 points, grabbed the third place one point behind Manchester United, who fell loss to Swansea City 1-2 in the same round.

Chelsea condemn this win for striker Danny Welbeck, who caused the penalty controversial, record them Kazola goal early after 8 minutes, and caused the second goal where he received the ball interface of Alexis Sanchez shot strongly addressed by Julian Sperone, to respond to the Giro Msddha easily in the net, scoring his eighth goal in the league this season.

Manager Arsene Wenger of Arsenal managed to work in a strong defensive combination shut the door in front of goalkeeper David Ospina Colombian bodyguard, to negate the effect of weapons Alan Pardew coach Crystal Palace, who blasted the ball to the 20 players, only three of them just not up to the goal.

Pressure Crystal Palace all the lines on the Gunners goal in search of an equalizer, and threw all the offensive coach Pardew leaves Shola Ameobi and Yannick Polasa, and Glenn Murray place Fraser Campbell and Dwight generation and Joey Ledley who failed decoded defensive team Arsenal.

Granting Wenger defensive instructions to his attackers Sanchez and Giroux and Oellbec to support Mrtsakr and Kossellna and Nacho Monreal and Kokilin, to face the offensive intense pressure to the owners of the land, and he thinks it Substitutes French coach Arsene Wenger’s defensive nature as engaged Gabriel Paulista and Kieran Gibbs and Tomas Rosicky place Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez and Danny Welbeck.

Luck smiled and finally to Crystal Palace, where Glenn Murray managed to make only honorary goal in the 94th minute, but it did not help his team out at least a point.

Malaga coach deserved to win at Barcelona

Praised coach Malaga Javi Garcia on his victory today in order to clean Barcelona at Camp Nou, especially the excellent performance of the defensive players, stressing that the team was able to reap the three points, “big”.

The coach said that his team beat was “fair,” adding that his players have succeeded in exploiting the opportunities available to them in front of “a great discount.”

Garcia said “We have made us what we deserve to win, I’ve read before the game that we play, and we knew that the opponent will seek behind the acquisition and Astgllna our chances and we have the defense force.”

Andalusian team and ended the march lasted 11 consecutive victories match for Bursa.

Technical Director “The achievement of this result requires a lot of strong defense to search for attacking options, which are based on the movements and rapid Almertdat, the result of the match was the result of a continuous effort.”

He completed Garcia “Barcelona a great team knows what it wants, but we managed to exploit things and play good defense.” ..

4 things behind the anger of Cristiano Ronaldo

Channel “Quattro” Spanish revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid star feels outraged after criticism that he had received in recent weeks, the Portuguese refuses to talk with the media since the heavy defeat against Atletico Madrid 4-0.

Ronaldo has decided not to talk with the media as it is believed that the Spanish media violated his privacy after it was published images and videos of the ceremony gala birthday.

Among other things, the Ronaldo feel angry because of the exaggerated talk about the separateness with casual fashion Russian Irina Shayk and also raise doubts about his fitness with incorrect information, he said.

She summarized the channel anger Ronaldo in four reasons are:

1 – believed to have been violated his privacy to publish photos and videos of the ceremony gala birthday.

2 – disturbed by the information published and is uncertain about his physical condition.

3 – angry because of talk that separateness with casual fashion Russian Irina Shayk had the effect of declining level.

4 – feel great sadness after sirens fans Santiago Bernabeu in the last game, as it is believed that he does not deserve it after all his.

A quick response from Mourinho at Real Madrid

Hastened Jose Mourinho Chelsea manager to declare his desire to leave Chelsea and it seeks to stay for as long as possible, in response to rumors that confirms the desire of his former club Real Madrid in the restoration of services.
Mourinho said in remarks to the media: “I have two years left on my contract, I want to continue with Chelsea, do not wait any offers from any club, I do not want to leave, I just need my contract.”
He added: “I will not give any opportunity for speculation or for any club wishing to contract me, simply because I want to stay with Chelsea, everyone wants to raise around me stories.”
It is noteworthy that the newspaper “El Mundo Deportivo” Spanish has published a report that Real Madrid management are considering restoring Mourinho services again and the dismissal of the current coach Carlo Ancelotti because of the fluctuation of the team level.

Real Madrid is considering restoring Mourinho!

Cause oscillating level to Real Madrid in 2015 to the large number of doubts about the continuation of the Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti at the head of the technical staff of the Royal team, according to the newspaper “El Mundo Deportivo” Spanish.
The newspaper pointed out that there have been reports that president Florentino Perez club considering sacking Ancelotti and re-former coach Jose Mourinho, the current artistic director of the English Chelsea to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium but in one case.
The report explained that the riyal would move again towards Mourinho only if the latter fails to achieve success with the Blues this season, and in spite of the remarks “Sbaisheal and” that confirms his desire to continue as long as possible.
According to the newspaper the club wanted to sign with a strong personal trainer to deal with the star Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos and Gareth Bale size, where it is difficult to control their anger.

Clasico threatened to postpone

Become the next Clasico match between Barcelona and Real Madrid is scheduled on March 23 at the “Camp Nou” threatened not to set up in time.

Sources close to the newspaper “Mirror” reported that the British and Spanish clubs threaten the work of a general strike in protest at this date the distribution of television broadcast on La Liga clubs revenue ratios, which receives Barcelona and Real Madrid, the bulk of them.

The paper that Sports Minister Miguel Cardenal promised clubs develop a solution to this crisis, but that his failure to pay Javier Tibas president of professional clubs Association to call for the Assembly of public emergency on March 4, escalation against injustice felt by the clubs, where you want the bidding system sale La Liga rights collective, as happens in the Premier League, “Premier League”.

She pointed out that there is a strong intention to clubs objecting to the work of the strike on March 23 date for the establishment of the Clasico match, especially as it gave the government a final deadline duration of two weeks to decide on the development of new regulations governing the distribution of broadcasting quotas fair on the La Liga clubs.

Bayern Munich only six goals in the nets of Paderborn

Bayern Munich only six goals in the nets away Paderborn, in the match between the two teams on Saturday evening Pentelr Arena within the 22 round of the Bundesliga championship, “Bundesliga”.

Hexagonal Bayern Munich came across Robert Lewandowski (two goals) and Arjen Robben (twice), Frank Ribery and Michael Weisser, bringing the Bavarian balance of 55 points at the top of the Bundesliga, while stuck at the point of Paderborn 23.

From the first minutes of the match, Bayern Munich dominated almost entirely on the game, while only Paderborn defense fell into the trap of not pass the coolest of Robin in the 24th minute to Lewandowski, who scored easily provided.

Bayern increased desire to increase the yield for goal to finish the game completely, and returned to Lewandowski scored his second goal and his team after a cross from Ribery from the left front foot fully into the net.

Paderborn did not arrive in the first half, with the beginning of the second half to goalkeeper Manuel Neuer in any serious football remember, with defenses started to open some kind of owners of the land, and with the great Bavarian pressure was not helped goalkeeper Lucas Cruz a lot to protect the Al Areen.

The shot that changed the course of the game more red card received by Hertz player Paderborn 62 minutes after a penalty committed by the mode in which Robin third goal of his team, with whom he opened the defenses completely battalion Braitnerenz.

With open defenses and shine Arjen Robben, granting teammate Franck Ribery in the 72 minute goal from a shot, “the bird” and then Weisser alternative made his first Bundesliga goal in minute 75.

Before the end of the match four minutes and a pass to Ribery Robben managed to make the second goal in the game and the sixth and final team to finish the game Bsdasih clean.

Guardiola hails Bsdasih Bayern in the range of Paderborn

Praised the Spanish coach Josep Guardiola to Bayern Munich win the big white Bsdasih his team away to Paderborn in the twenty-second stage of the German Football League (DFL) on Saturday.

Guardiola said after the game, “We have taken the matter seriously from the start, and did not allow them access to only a very small number of opportunities throughout the game.”

Spanish coach added, “were not the face of Paderborn (who are fourth from bottom) easy at all, despite the big win. I’ve already said that Paderborn will remain in the Bundesliga, and now I’m sure of it.”

Bayern continued uprising in the competition, having made their third win in a row, as the Bavarians maintained its aggressive appetite for the second straight game in the tournament, the players after scoring 14 goals in the last two matches before the Bundesliga with Hamburg and Paderborn, during which kept a clean sheet.

Bayern and wisest this win his grip on the top of the Bundesliga after the tally to 55 points, 11 points ahead of the second-placed Wolfsburg, which hosts Hertha Berlin on Sunday at the same stage.

In contrast, the Polish striker Robert Lewandowski Bayern Munich expressed his happiness Objectives through two goals from Bayern win.

Lewandowski said after the game, “we realize that we need to do well today, after we drew negative Shakhtar Donetsk with Ukrainian (go in the first knockout round Champions League) last Tuesday.”

Polish player added: “We are very satisfied with the result we have achieved today, you feel happy when they score a goal or two in the game, but I wanted to add more in the second half.”

And raise Lewandowski Bhdwih today goalscoring tally in the competition to ten goals to finish second in the list of leading scorer behind six goals behind leader scorer Arjen Robben.

And beats Bayern, which seeks to keep the title for the third consecutive season, a difference of 11 full point on the nearest Mlahakah team Wolfsburg, second-placed, which hosts Hertha Berlin in the same stage on Sunday.

Enrique refuses to load Messi responsibility

Star Lionel Messi led Barcelona march brilliant victories in the last few weeks but he missed almost entirely in a surprise defeat for the team at home to Malaga on Saturday may cost a lot in the race Primera Liga soccer.

It seemed to all clearly the impact of the decline Messi with Barcelona’s failure to win to stay within two points of leaders rivals Real Madrid, who travel to Elche on Sunday.

He declined to Luis Enrique Barcelona coach load of responsibility for the Argentine star after losing 1-nil.

The Spanish coach said at a news conference, “would be a mistake to hold individuals responsible after the defeat. Team was not at the required level and that’s all.”

He added, “We were not good enough not as individuals and as a team and all of our attacks in the second half turned to attacks rebounds for the competitor .. we tried to attack a lot of heart, and this result is devastating for us now. Play Malaga in a good way and I hope that this will be an accident and we will see what will happen in a few weeks the next. “

Malaga and shine to stop the march of 11 consecutive victory for Barcelona.

Messi appeared pale shadow of the star who scored 26 goals in the league before this round was not in his speed and his ability to shuffle.

Said Luis Enrique Barcelona unfamiliar with the difference that resort to the defense and that this thing must cope with.

“This is something that usually happens in such games .. unfortunately. Other times we had the ability to compensation .. but this did not happen. We found it difficult to make chances and we were not organized at all. It is necessary to restore Toazinna to achieve victories in the following matches. “

Barcelona needs to regain form quickly before they face Manchester City in England champion go first knockout round of the Champions League next Tuesday.

Said Luis Enrique “We’ll see what happens. Defeats painful not pass easily. But we face a great challenge to look forward to Tjasoh after three days.”

Geresman and Mandzokic driving Atletico win over Almeria

Atletico Madrid regained his balance in the Spanish league championship, which carries the title, having finished its prey Almeria three clean during a single run on the Vicente Calderon stadium in round 24.

The remedy Alotlta sorrows loss in the last round against Celta Vigo, to enhance its position in third place with 53 points.

And reduced the gap with the runner-up Atletico Barcelona to three points after the last day loss against Malaga, while temporarily separated four points behind leaders Real Madrid before Elche faces tomorrow.

And Almeria stuck at 23 points in the 16th position.

Condemns Argentine coach Diego Simeone team in the NFL, achieved within a quarter of an hour, to the French star Antoine Geresman His two goals, and the Croatian striker Mario Mandzoki_ inaugurated Date.

Progress Mandzoki_ pen controversial calculated defender Diego Godin Alawroyjoaúa (s 13).

It is quick counter-attack Geresman signed a second goal after a smart pass from Mandzoki_ (s 20).

The goal is the 14th in La Liga for the French is the fourth scorer in La Liga behind Cristiano (28) and Messi (26) and Neymar (17).

He returned Mandzoki_ to turn his head cross the Turkish response to Geresman Tauran, who finished off a beautifully into the net (s 30).

Before the end of the meeting, presented fullback for Atletico Gelarma Sequera expulsion of the total two yellow cards.